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Welcome to UNISON Scottish Children's Reporter Administration Branch B

Fight back against pay cuts, attacks on jobs services and benefits- and on the poor and vulnerable in society.






Welcome to the website of Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA) branch.

SCRA branch represents our members working in our localities and hearing centres across Scotland.

Branch members have access to a local network of branch officers, stewards and health & safety reps, with full time professional support, legal services, fringe benefits and all the power of the UK's largest union.

If you need help or advice please contact your local steward or safety rep first.

The Branch negotiates for its members and represents individuals at times of difficulty.It speaks up for public services and on professional and resource issues when these affect the services our members provide.

We are only as strong as our members. Every member has a vote on all important issues and each steward and officer is elected by their members.

Why don't you get involved in your union?

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  • Under Pressure?
  • Asked to do more?
  • Don’t suffer in silence!  
  • Join us and SAY NO

 Put an end to workplace stress! Contact your local steward for assistance.

Celebrate May Day 2013

Celebrate MayDay

A guide to May Day 2014 events taking place all over Scotland.


************ Say No to Austerity! For a 24 hour General Strike! ********

On Saturday 1st December 2011, UNISON’s Scottish Council meeting of 200 delegates representing 160,000 members in Scotland voted to -

“immediately take the necessary steps to promote with all STUC affiliated trade unions and professional organisations the need for a co-ordinated industrial action strategy beginning with a one-day strike across Scotland, and to co-ordinate the strike with any action by trade unions at a UK level as appropriate.

In addition to the above, this meeting agrees to produce written material and publicity in support of this policy for distribution amongst members and the wider community in line with UNISON industrial action procedures".